Be part of the band!

How can I get involved and help the project grow?

There are lots of ways anyone can help support e107 to develop and grow and you don't need to have any special 'Skills' to start helping, just lots of enthusiasm and a bit of free time.

Low to Basic skills (New to the Web)
  • Simple things like 'Spreading the word' around the world wide web by linking via your personal Social Networking account can help.
  • We have some marketing material e.g. banners you could display on your own site (coming soon)
  • You could help new users to get their site up and working via the support forums
  • You can help by reporting 'Bugs' in the bug-tracker as software will react in different ways on different server set ups. Some users may not notice an issue where others do and reporting the odd 'quirk' helps the Development Team improve the overall product.
For more advanced users
  • You could create themes and plugins to expand e107's capabilities and share them with the community via our dedicated theme and plugin sites.
  • If you have good 'language skills' you could help with the translation of the core English Language files to other languages
  • If you have some specialist skills or a working knowledge of e107, you could consider joining the 'Support Team'.
  • Ideally, we want a team with members from around the globe who can be online when others are not to help out in the forums, but any help is appreciated.
For the very advanced users
  • For those with an in depth knowledge of PHP, Mysql, Apache and have time available you could be considered for the main Development Team