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Posted By LondonGman on Tuesday 03 May 2011 - 12:20:33
Description Thread tracking

Can I suggest using a check box (or radio button) for the Track Thread feature to make it more visible, and change the wording to “Receive email notifications on new replies”

At the moment the Track Thread link is very small since it is not underlined many won’t know its function. I only discovered it a few weeks ago and I have been using e107 for years.

Also a quick Google search for the words “Track Thread” indicates no-one uses of that phase but “Receive email notifications on new replies” or “subscribe to thread” is more conventional

I am sure I can probably change the words in language file but it will get overwritten with each patch
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05 May 2011
Copy the e107_plugins/forum/templates/forum_post_template.php file to you theme directory.

Edit it, look for {EMAILNOTIFY} and put in there anything yoo like.
You could even hard code some text and html code.

The same thing goes for the small Track Thread link in the heading of the forum.
[ edited 05 May 2011 ]
05 May 2011
I only discovered this feature but do not need it, I am simply suggesting above for future releases.

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