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[News] Display submitnews.php author not admin
Posted By aldwych on Thursday 05 May 2011 - 09:20:59
Description Currently when users post a news article to /submitnews.php their details go through to e107_admin/newspost.php?sn however as soon as you click 'post' and end up at /newspost.php? the author defaults to the username of the admin approving the post. If you click the author box at the bottom you can change the author to one of the other admins but not to the original author on the submitnews.php (unless they are an admin).

There should be some way of making the submitnews.php author shown as the author not the admin. I know you get the '[Submited by]' but it seems a little odd when there is also a different user shown.
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Developer / Support Team Comments
[MikeyGMT] on Friday 11 November 2011 - 01:48:26
Admin > News > Submitted News > Post Item

Look down the options list for and click on
Author (Posted by):
A list of users comes up for you to choose from.

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