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[Other] More advanced theming options...
Posted By Johan Sderstrm on Wednesday 08 September 2004 - 13:42:09
Description This is something I have been thinking of for quite a while, it is a radical idea I know, but try to read it with an open mind and see what it can do for e107...

First of all it qould most likely force many plugins to be updated and all themes must be rewritten, just so you know...

How about taking the css idea to what it is intended to be? Temove all tables from the layout and do [em]everything[/em] with CSS. A CMS realy can use CSS's as they are quite well structured and it could do so much for themers. I am not a themer myself, infact I only use e107 on and off but I have been following it for a loooong time as I think it's a neat CMS...

As far as I know there is no other CMS that does this, why? Well, sure it is difficult, but head over to to see what you can do with CSS's if you know howto, look at the possibilities... This could realy make way for some new look to the CMS's...

And if you are rewriting alot of the code this I'd say is the time to do it. Before a 1.0 release (!!!) and I think alot of the users would realy like it. Mabye mabye mabye it could even be possible to allow the old plugins to use non-css style?

Well, that's just my crazy idea... In case you like it I hope you'll do it!

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[System] on Wednesday 05 April 2006 - 16:11:39
See melons comment below


05 Apr 2006
minus several areas (not many) - this can already be done.. there are several div based themes already out there.. it's just a case of taking the time and making the effort to properly theme all templates..

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