Creating an e107 plugin

Plugin Builder

By far the quickest and easiest way to develop a plugin for e107 is to use the plugin builder ( Manage -> Plugin Manager -> Plugin Builder).
It will create the plugin.xml (meta-data) file, as well as code most of the admin area of your plugin for you. Additional features may be added in future.

Steps to Use:

  • Create an empty plugin folder in e107_plugins/ (eg. 'myplugin')
  • Create a new text file with the _sql.php extension. (eg. 'myplugin_sql.php')
  • Using PHPMyAdmin, create your database table structure, and then export it in SQL format.
  • Copy/Paste the "CREATE TABLE" data to your your _sql.php file. (see other plugins for examples)
  • Go to Manage -> Plugin Manager -> Plugin Builder and choose 'myplugin' from the dropdown menu and then follow the prompts.
  • Thoroughly check the details of each Table Tab (and Preferences Tab if you need them) before proceeding with the creation process.

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