Creating an e107 plugin

Setup and Installation


Here's a simple example of a plugin.xml file.

		<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<e107Plugin name="Newsfeeds" version="2.0" date="2012-08-01" compatibility="2.0" installRequired="true">
	<author name="e107 Inc." url="" email="@" />
	<description>This plugin's description.</description>
		<link url='admin_config.php' description='Configure Newsfeeds' icon='images/icon_32.png' iconSmall='images/icon_16.png' >LAN_CONFIGURE</link>	
		<link url="/e107_plugins/newsfeed/newsfeed.php" >Newsfeeds</link>

Here's an advanced example of a plugin.xml file.

		<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<e107Plugin name="FAQs" version="1.1"  lan="LAN_PLUGIN_XXX_NAME" date="2012-08-01" compatibility="2.0" installRequired="true">
	 <author name="e107 Inc" url="" email="@" />
	<summary>Add frequently asked questions to your e107 website.</summary>
	<description  lan="LAN_PLUGIN_XXX_DESCRIPTION">A simple plugin to add Frequently Asked Questions to your website.</description>
	 <copyright>Copyright e107 Inc, Licensed under GPL</copyright>
		<link url='admin_config.php' description='Configure FAQs' icon='images/icon_32.png' iconSmall='images/icon_16.png' primary='true'>LAN_CONFIGURE</link>		
		<link url='/e107_plugins/faqs/faqs.php' description='FAQs' icon='images/icon_32.png' iconSmall='images/icon_16.png' function="faqCategories">LAN_PLUGIN_FAQS_NAME</link>		
		<pref name="add_faq">255</pref>
		<pref name="submit_question">255</pref>
		<pref name="classic_look">0</pref>
		<plugin name='chatbox_menu' />
		<plugin name='calendar_menu' min_version='3.70' />
		<PHP name='core' min_version='5.2.5' />
		<MySQL name='server' min_version='4.9' />
		<extension name='curl' min_version='1.3' />
		<extension name='mb_string' />
		<class name="faq_moderator" description="FAQ moderator" />		
		<field name="viewed" type='EUF_TEXTAREA' default='0' active="true" />
		<field name="posts" type='EUF_INTEGER' default='0' active="true" />


Tip: If you are developing a commercial plugin, you'll want to add a few extra attributes so that it displays correct in the admin area under "Find Plugins". .
<e107Plugin name="FAQs" .... price="25.00" currency="EUR" url="" >

Just package your file with only the plugin.xml and any images (including plugin icons) , excluding .php files etc. before sharing it. When the user clicks to download your plugin, the url you have provided will be displayed.


More details coming soon. See e107_plugins/gallery/gallery_setup.php for an example.


This contains a "CREATE TABLE" mysql dump of the database tables that your plugin will use.
You can find examples in most of the plugins in e107_plugins/

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