Open for Plugin/Theme Contributions

08 Feb 2015 : 02:01AM

share-connection_318-10810.jpg is now accepting plugin and theme uploads from developers wishing to contribute.

I have just added the new developer contribution area to which you can find here:
If you were wishing to make your v2.x plugin or theme available to others (both via the website and admin area of v2.x), this is the place where you can finally do it.
You will need to be logged in on Github to enter and then have your account manually upgraded after your initial visit.
It's just the initial version of this custom contribution plugin, so please don't expect any fireworks, but it does its job.
Those of you who have uploaded in the past for v1.x will find this area to be vastly simplified and incredibly easy to work with - without any requirement to fill in a long list of form fields as you would have done before.

Please don't forget that the "Plugin Manager' and "Theme Manager" also have some tools to assist you in the creation of various files, such as theme.xml for theme developers and plugin.xml and admin_config.php for plugin developers. There's also a new language-file scanning tool in the Plugin Manager which can help with upgrading old plugins and finding unused LAN definitions. As a developer, please do create a repository on Github of your project, it's an invaluable tool for receiving feedback and tracking bugs, issues and feature requests, as well as having others contribute to your code via pull-requests.

If you happen to have any issues with the plugin/theme upload area on, please do let me know by mentioning your particular issue here:

I know it's been a long time coming, so thank you for all of your patience and thank you in advance to those of you who will choose to give something back, by sharing your plugins and themes.


Announcing the new e107 Support Desk

02 Aug 2014 : 04:42AM
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A distinct support desk by community leaders for the e107 community a new peer-to-peer Question & Answer platform

In our last blog post, we announced some changes with regard to the support framework we instituted as part of the shift of focus to e107 v2 Bootstrap. Behind the scenes, a new platform has been setup and thoroughly tested to ensure that the community has access to an area where they are able to interact with the community by asking and answering questions about e107. is pleased to announce a community-led initiative for the This website will serve as a platform for the e107 community (separate from to ask questions about e107 while at the same time, the platform encourages users to answer each other questions as well (so-called “peer-to-peer” support). Through a points and reputation system, users are encouraged to become experts in e107 and help each other out as much as possible.

Q&A: Questions and Answers

The setup of the new platform is somewhat different compared to what most people were used to when the forums were used as a support platform. The main focus lies on asking concrete questions which allow for objective answering. There will be less focus on discussions (ie. regarding the development process), as such questions are far more suitable to be asked (and answered!) through other platforms (such as Github, our main development platform).

The Q&A platform is meant for general support questions which allow for concrete answers. Sharing your progress on your theme or plugin, for example, is currently outside the scope of this platform (but still in our minds for future plans!) and is therefore discouraged at this time. Similarly, asking for people's opinions or recommendations for certain themes and plugins is currently also outside the scope of this platform.

Currently questions can be sorted in either of the following categories: Core, Plugins, Themes, Installation and Updating. Please be sure to categorise your questions accordingly. In addition, the Q&A system allows for adding ‘tags’ to your questions. Tags are important keywords which summarise your question. Adding tags will help to associate similar questions which makes it easier for other users to search through and find answers to their own questions.

When asking questions, you will also be asked to enter which version of e107 you are using. Please pay attention to this as questions may concern either e107 version 1.x or version 2.x (development version).

Reputation: points, badges and permissions

The Q&A platform uses a points and reputation system to encourage high-quality participation. For each contribution users are awarded with points (and badges). Contributions include but are not limited to: asking a question, adding an answer, being selected as providing the best answer, voting on questions and answers, authoring your personal profile and so on.

High-quality contributions, as determined by the community, will be awarded more points, whereas low-quality contributions will receive less or even remove points from this user. The more points one has, the more valuable this user is to the e107 community, and the more permissions this user will be awarded. Permissions are for example the possibility to edit other questions, answers and comments (to re-categorise them, clarify them, or even close them if needed).

When asking and answering questions, please reward your fellow community members for their time and effort in contributing the community by voting on their questions or answers. The more you contribute to the platform, the better.

A break-down of the points, badges and permissions awarded to each contribution will be published on the website in the near future.

Future plans

The current state of the platform is not final. Over the coming weeks and months, the Q&A platform will be tweaked and improved based on your feedback. We are eager to hear what you think, please share your thoughts through the feedback form here:

See you there.



Image credit: Kyle James

The first month of e107 v2 Bootstrap Alpha release comes to a close…

14 Jul 2014 : 12:38AM
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We've been taking notes, and here's the action plan on strengthening support!

The good:

For e107, it’s been a month of major changes. We’ve brought online the Alpha Release of our new flagship software, a new website, and we’re encouraging our users for the first time to have a look at the new content management system that we are developing and sending in those bug reports through our presence on GitHub.

It’s been great chatting with more of you on GitHub than ever before and we’re looking forward with your help to bring e107 v2 Bootstrap to the market sooner rather than later. We wanted to give you an update one month on, on how we intend to deal with some of the persistent issues and complaints about some of the decisions taken.

The not-so-good: The support framework – mea culpa!

About a month ago, we announced a bold move on the support front which we know hasn’t been without flaws. It’s great to see so many being very passionate about e107’s community. And whilst some accusations have been levied without any facts or substance, we also know as a team that there’s room for improvement on this front.

As a team, meetings over the last months made it clear to us the level of service we wanted to commit to without overpromising or overstretching ourselves based on the volunteer resources we have available to us [which isn’t a whole lot!].

What won’t change: is now exclusively our product site

This in turn prompted the decision for to cease becoming a community presence, and to be repositioned as a product site, showcasing what could be done with the product, providing the latest details on product development, and providing a growing documentations resource on the use of e107 for both developers and users.

Development has now been moved on GitHub which has proven to be extremely effective for us to manage the workflow and we hope to increasingly use it to organise our development cycles and make it easier for you to follow development. Those of you who have used it will no doubt see that new fixes are being uploaded all the time to deal with the issues you are raising.

What will change: StackOverflow is one of our support channels for technical coding support

Our passionate communities have been able to post comments on Facebook, and G+, and we’ve seen traffic steadily rise. The people we’ve tasked to deal with communications have done their best to provide responses to your feedback as quickly as possible.

As was announced, our intentions was for our community support functions to move exclusively to StackOverflow as we were impressed by the community’s ability to provide very technical support to their site visitors.

It was for us a way to support another community whilst allowing us to focus on our prime activity – deliver a stellar content management system that can drive the websites of tomorrow.

StackOverflow and e107 Development Team have had a very friendly chat over the past few weeks focussed on how e107 users should be using and soliciting help from the StackOverflow community and you will have seen that we have updated our guidance in line with StackOverflow’s own mission.

StackOverflow becomes one of the places to go to if you need technical support on the use of e107 legacy platforms. Check out their tour to make sure you're posting questions to things allowed on their platform.

What’s coming soon: a P2P platform for general community support

One of the avenues we announced in our last blog on community support was looking to some intrepid e107 community users to develop an externally hosted solution that could serve as the new community support hub for e107 without it being linked to e107.

We’ve approached some e107 community members to look into whether this was possible, and whether they wanted to take up the challenge as we are keen to ensure you have a friendly place to go to to ask your day-to-day questions about e107.

We’re pleased to announce that our community members have agreed to set something up for us and that the intention is for this new community presence to come online sometime in August next month. As this is being done on a volunteer basis, we are not able to bring this online any sooner but we’re excited to see members pulling together to help us deal with the expressed needs of the users.

We’ll be sure to write a small blog article about the site when it launches and if you want to help out with the project, just be sure to post it on Facebook and we’ll put you in touch with the team developing that site.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to coming to you soon with some of the first Inspiration articles submitted by the community!

Image credit:*fighterboyy on DeviantArt